Hans Kaspar AG

We are a modern, yet traditional Swiss operation that has been active internationally since our founding, primarily as a nut processor for the confectionary industry, and also as a producer of semi-finished bakery products.

As a niche supplier for the chocolate, biscuit, yoghurt, and ice-cream industries we produce a wide variety of ready-to-use croquants and nougats, as well as chocolate or sugar coated varieties, along with other fine tasting ingredients and decorative elements.

Our pure and natural nut pastes and our chocolate couvertures form the flavorful core in many products and convey a sense of luxury and high-quality.

In our dry mixing plant we produce a wide array of flour mixtures according to our own recipes, ice-cream and soft ice powders, as well as dry flour and biscuit mixtures as a co-producer and co-packer.

Our skilled development department provides expert assistance in custom-specific projects, while our enthusiastic team ensures that customers receive delivery of the products they need on time.

Firmensitz der Hans Kaspar AG